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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HACKEN!!! a song for you from your international fans @the HLID Forum

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- from all of your international fans @the HLID Forum

we want to give you a song us fans wrote for you!! it's sung to the music of alan's song, "Love in the Fog"(霧之戀) (thanks to Hianez for her idea to use this song!).

(the MV of alan's "Love in the Fog" song:

You are the brightest star

happy birthday to lee hacken

happy birthday to lee hacken

we will always, always love you
your music, can always make us smile
you are, very talented
and you have, a beautiful voice.

happy birthday to you, hacken
happy birthday to you, hacken

all of us, your fans, wish you the best
we hope you'll have a special birthday
with ryan and emily
and that your, wish comes true.

we think that, you're the best
always, always, with you,
we will support you, we're behind you
thank you for your great music
and all of your hard work
please add oil, continue singing.

do you know, how much you inspire us
you are so, so clever and charming
and you are so, so determined
and you never give up hope
and you are funny, and you're cute and smart,
and a good father!

hacken, your fans love you
hacken, we support you

when we see you smile,
we also smile
we want, to see you more
we want, to hear you more
we're cheering, clapping...for you

With you here, our life is filled with happiness
without you, our life would be miserable
hear your sweet voice, with your charmed smile
you're like a bright shooting star
you forever bring us joy, you brighten up our day
you are the brightest star

your words, always in our heart
your songs, always warm us up
i wanna let you know, how important you are

your humor, brings us laughter
your charm, makes us surrender
we will support you, till the end

Sunday, November 29, 2009




2009-10-03 07:39:39

Ryan knows how to sing ''Grandma is muddle-headed like a child''!!!

I will perform first on tonight's Shatin Mooncake Festival Show. Of course I will sing ''Grandma is muddle-headed like a child'', wish everyone Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


2009-10-15 07:33: 51
Saturday's " Super great sound " Is the video recording matinee, because I evening also have other work. This makes the judgment, will only record a volume.

2009-10-22 18:18: 06
Many thanks everybody gives Ryan the gift and the blessing, Ryan today is in the home, with father-in-law mother-in-law, aunt, grandfather the grandmother eats the food celebration together. Ryan knows looks at HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hee hee!


2009-11-01 18:05:22

retire? how can that be? i did not think i needed to talk about this, but seeing yr messages, many ppl actually believe it! Did not know that from there biography, always knows is not really, i still have more songs to sing, more albums to release, many more shows to do...As for goes not to promulgate the ritual, actually had not decided that must discuss again with the company. New small dish? Some 2 have not sorted, as soon as possible, but cannot " Asks its ".


2009-11-11 18:06:33

This year does not have the birthday party, transfers the Christmas meeting, establishes provisionally the date…In December 13, establish provisionally the place…DISNEYLAND!!! Also has in November 21 northern area show, I must sing 2 songs, one certainly is "grandma" , other one initiates well baa? Goes to the scene to support my fans to have baa the proposition?


2009-11-14 10:23:33

On December 13 in Disneyland party? Should not change. Actually I in November 18 dusk can in Disneyland with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy turn on a light in once. Tonight's TVB show? Should leave part1 and part2. But 19 very big opportunities will also make Taiwan to celebrate. Yesterday filmed "grandma" MV, good is happy my old friend " Lolan elder sister " Is willing the help to develop "grandma " , late place Blog!


2009-11-18 08:34:56

Sees everybody's birthday blessing, many thanks shen! Also hopes everybody health, happily!

Ryan Mami: )


=================> messages we missed from OCT. 2009...

2009-09-28 15:31:05

The D milk emperor moon cake also is really several good tastes! Many thanks shen!


2009-10-01 19:09:28

Just completed the Victoria Park National Day show, now hurrying to the red hall dress rehearsal, upload Victoria Park [pics] for everybody. Last night I had look at the Southern China direct seeding [soccer match?], was happy they win the wave to enter [final?] four, in addition Manchester United won, awesome!


2009-10-09 07:42:34

I with the Mr first song? Choosy, but has not had the lyrics, therefore has not recorded. KL sings " The taciturnity feels grateful "? Good, but you must ask that buries principal 0 咼!


2009-10-09 07:46:24

14 vigor songs?


2009-10-13 17:51:45

You say whether now month 24 parties? Actually I not am too clear, only the knowledge needs to go to Dongguan, how many can detailed explain in detail few again?


2009-10-13 18:37:34

Tomorrow evening the vigor song only will sing " grandma ". " Super giant star "? Probably is 17 video recordings, but zhong is TBC.



________________________hacken's blog posts:

NEW 左麟右李@San Francisco
Saturday, 7 November 2009

Yesterday 10:00 am arrived at SF, this came SF is helps” the family bridge” to raise funds again, met us in yesterday's reporter also” again” the visitation” the family bridge” father-in-law mother-in-law, I already had engaged actually in the similar activity two years ago, also has said in here, therefore in the feeling all people and the matter were very kind.

To be continued...

7 late SF show is quite special, because is raises funds the show relations, we do not have budget to bring dancers, sound man, FM, but also has the different post staff not to be able to come, therefore some places really does not have the means to achieve the acme of perfection, even some Hong Kong some links must give up reluctantly, all only strive for to plan more offerings, hope all audiences may the excuse me. The concert completes smoothly finally, the audience is also warm, goes to stand to the second half quick song part many audiences, wells up and we shakes hand before Taiwan, I and Principal also very enjoy. The only minor defect in something otherwise perfect is principal and his assistant Razzie is stolen in the liquor shop the thing, disappears the gold ornament and the computer, hoped that this situation later will again not occur.


亮燈@Disneyland + 嫲嫲MV
Friday, 20 November 2009

On Wednesday late gang Disney turns on a light, before very much worried, feared the weather will be very cold, because my these days also infected have caught cold well, after having looked at the Chinese medicine, certainly did not think that” a wound injuried again”, the God made US luckily, the wind not big temperature is not too cold, after seeing Mickey Minnie, I” any weather” did not remember with all staff company, each time went to Disneyland, was always very happy, particularly Ryan, haha!

Previous time accepts everybody upload” 嫲 嫲 MV”…
[be4, he had said he would upload pics f/the 'lai lai' mv]

Thanks the Lolan elder sister, her performance really makes this MV to add color many!


Left Alan Right Lee @ KL
Thursday, 26 November 2009

我和校長都是在26號下午到大馬, 同機還有從香港飛過來的香港fans, 妳們真是捧場.

六點半到酒店, 七點半就開記招, 連晚飯都沒時間食.

Alan and I just arrived Malaysia on 26th afternoon, also there was HK fans having same flight with us,you guys really come over to support us.

We arrived to hotel at 6.30pm , 7.30pm starts the press conference, even we don't have time to have our dinner.


Later we quickly rushed to the autograph session...

再之後十一點我們還要到988電台做直播訪問, 更在電台和一班大馬新加坡香港fans切蛋糕, HAPPY!

Then, at 11pm, we still need to have a live interview at 988 radio station. In the radio station, with a group of Malaysia,Singapore and HK fans cutting the cakes together, HAPPY!!


To be continued...

[translated by Vivian. thanks!!]


2nd day@KL
Friday, 27 November 2009

Second day at KL, the weather in the morning was sunny then in the afternoon without sun, then slowly became cloudy, even during the evening was having heavy raining and thunderstorm. Everywhere around the stage was wet and the rehearsal was disturbed. Luckily, after 8pm, the rain starts to stop and full dress rehearsal was successfully done. Back to the hotel room was already 12am...

[translated by Vivian. thanks!!]


(CREDITS: hacken's messages/blog posts at,

Sunday, September 27, 2009





(*GO THERE 2 SEE THE PIC(s) THAT WENT W/THIS BLOG POST!*) and, mostly translated by Hianez or babelfish.]


(updated blog post)

I don't remember how many times we've performed at Atlantic City. I started performing there since the late 1980s with Elizabeth Lee, Ellen Chan and Lo Yuen Yan. This group can be considered...classic!

These few years I've been performing at TRUMP TAJ MAHAL. Maybe because this place has more dimension hence the sound equipment are better. The show on the 14th was not bad. There were some changes to the rundown, we changed some songs. Audiences' response? Usually the audience at the casino are get high slowly, they need warming up. We started the show after 1am and performed till 3am or 4am and ate some porridge after that. Before we knew it, dawn had arrived.

We will be performing at LV on the 20th, there will be a press conference later. LV fans, give us some response when we start the show!

We attended the press conference yesterday and went to LV at night. This time we stay at Mandalay Bay, my first time here!

The weather here is so good today!

“After show Photos” ? 嘻嘻,遲了一點...

這是在慶功時影的 :

“After show Photos” ? Hee, was abit late...

We took these during the celebration dinner.



We received "money flowers" at the LV concert. Singers usually feel happy receiving such 'plants', the larger the notes, the happier, haha!

Kidding! (i think the last line means kidding..)


2009-06-21 20:27:46
wish everybody a happy father's day!

Show finished last night! It was GREAT! Later will put some "after show photos" in the blog.


2009-06-28 13:12:34

Yes, has returned to HK, confirms aseptically, also immediately receives between-meal snack and the Ryan gift at the airport, thanks. Yes, is making the new CD, believed that also takes period of time only then to be possible to promote. Related tour other places:

1 August - 中山小欖鎮龍山華府
15 August - 深圳體育場
22 August - 湖州 - 稍後碓定
12 Sept - 新會 - 稍後碓定
19 Sept - 東莞 - 稍後碓定
26 Sept - 順德市體育場
3 Oct - Sydney Entertainment Centre
10 Oct - 佛山世紀蓮體育中心
24 Oct - 北京工體
21 Nov - 溫洲體育中心體育場
28 Nov - National Stadium, Bukit Jalil
暫定是這樣,11月好像還有一場在San Francisco,有最新消息會再update大家


2009-06-30 12:49:16

Shanghai? Temporarily not, because took warm just went, right?


2009-07-04 08:09:59

Past on several weather is really very good, I have also toured on second the early water, today on the cloudy cloudy day, one afternoon must embark Guangzhou to make on second business to develop.


2009-07-19 07:56:56

Wish that "Xin Xin" will get well soon.

I have to go back to perform at Shenzhen these couple of days. The organiser is the car company the previous time. I don't understand why the weather's been back when I went back these couple of times.

Owen scored in the first match, hope that this is a good start!


2009-07-25 08:19:31

The Kyoho grapes are sweet!


2009-08-04 21:24:23

The wind is howling outside. Is the storm coming again?
We are a family. Let's try and accept and understand each other better and all of us can be happier! (he was referring to member(s) who received emails about the fan club shirt when they already have one i tink..)


2009-08-05 13:00:31

Anybody willing to share their results with us? (regarding exam results which have just been released..)


2009-08-06 14:46:59

All of you guys must remember: exams are but just one of the hurdles in life. If the results are good, of course one would be happy. However, if you did not do well, remember that exams do not represent everything. It's not the end of the world. There lies thousands or maybe even millions of obstacles in front of you. It's more important to find out why you didn't succeed.
I scored a grade D for my Chinese in my exams, definitely not a good grade. But now, I've written lyrics for hundreds of Chinese songs. Hence, no one knows what will happen in the future. Do not give up, let us be strive together!


2009-08-16 14:31:54

I'll be attending tomorrow night's function for sure, hope that everyone can come down and support and help the Taiwanese.


2009-08-30 18:46:03

The photos from the 2 events yesterday are already uploaded in the Photo Album.

Actually, I went not only 3 but 4 venues yesterday. At 9am, I had to go to the studio and do my recording. Hope that the song can be released next week, new song.., talk about it after 2 more days!

(hmm, im not exactly what he meant..whether we get to hear the new song soon or..?)


blog post on September 4, 2009,
hear part of the new song now!

全新派台作品 : 嫲嫲 (試聽版)
New song: Grandma (preview)


今年年初和林夕飯局,將這個idea 和他研究,原來他也想寫,於是我們一直在等可以寫這個題材的melody出現,但收歌收到第五、六隻了還沒有,正在想可能又要等下一張碟時,Vincent Chow交來了這首,感謝夕爺在電話裡邊說很難寫,但又邊不辭勞苦地修改又修改,最後成了這首我超喜歡的...

All along, I wanted to have a song about parents/elderly. However, it's not easy to compose such lyrics. If it's too deep, the song might sound too traditional. But if it's too "on the surface", there won't be enough meaning in it. Second, it's not easy to a suitable melody. This issue has been in my heart for long.

Earlier this year, I met with Lam Chik and discussed this idea with him. I found out that he actually wanted to write such a song too. Hence, we both began waiting for a melody that will enable us to compose the lyrics. The fifth and sixth song came to us but nothing was suitable. While we were saying we might have to wait till the next album to do it, Vincent Chow presented this melody. Thank you to Lam Chik who told me over the phone how hard it is to write the lyrics and yet continued to edit them. In the end, this became a song that I like very much...

嫲嫲 曲:Vincent Chow 詞:林夕
music: Vincent Chow
lyrics: Lam Chik

她 老來難免 遺忘甚麼是甜
She, who is growing older, starts to forget the taste of sweetness
當 炒菜落得太多鹽 看著這天
Realising that she has added too much salt into what she's cooking, she stares into the sky

她 怕人嫌棄
She is afraid of being abandoned
沉默或撒嬌 只驚再不重要 無人要 無人去引她一笑
At times she remains silent, at times she throws tantrums. All because she's afraid that she will become unimportant or nobody wants her, or nobody cares to make her smile anymore..

Grandma is muddle-headed like a child
麻煩時誰來親她 誰留神誰在慢慢變化
Who comes to her when there's trouble? Who's actually caring and who's changing?
當天將爸爸當寶貝 來到了現在盡量像寶寶關愛她
Daddy was her little treasure who now loves her like his child
兒時人人如娃娃 頑皮仍人人寵他 誰憐誰何妨掉換一下
Everyone's like a doll when they're young, playful but yet everybody adores him, if only we can turn our sympathy around for awhile
老花的雙眼像小孩 望大人講 病了別要怕 ha…
With eyes like a child staring at an adult who tells her not to be afraid when she's sick

她 有時投訴 為何沒法聽真 兒孫都細聲在談笑 未知道 連鄰舍也都聽到
At times she complains, why didn't we pay attention to her? The grandchildren are chatting among themselves, none of them knows, but the neighbours do.

(repeats 4 lines of chorus)
老花的雙眼多眨幾下 像提醒 誰來給她保駕
She blinks her eyes a few times, as if to remind who will be her escort

誰由誰全力湊大 大路上又怕走歪
Who brought the little ones up? Who led them to walk a good path?
Now she has no strength to cross the road, who will take her along?
輪到她要關懷 嫲嫲乖
It's now her turn to be cared. Be good, Grandma

孩兒能成為爸媽 從前由誰扶一把 誰能逃年月在演化
Children who have now become parents, who took care of them in the past? Who can escape from the advancement of the society.
過去既製造過寵兒 捱到了現在但願讓她得到縱寵一下
She was the one to fondle everybody, after those harsh times, she looks for fond moments
從前由誰來當家 現在是誰扶穩她
Who took care of the household, and now, who will hold her steady?
如孩童無助別驚訝 看她此際亦看到你的將來
Don't be afraid if you're like a helpless child, looking at her is like seeing your future
留心點好嗎 ha......
Take more care..alright?

她蒼老了 她可愛似 娃娃
She is now old, she is as cute as a child

(not the very best of translation but it's very touching! of course, the cantonese lyrics makes more sense and is much more touching but that's roughly the meaning of the song above..any mistakes pls feel free to comment!)


2009-09-03 13:49:03

Tonight sings the new song? Is! But wants compared to arrive at the scene to support my fans to have freshly presently feels, will make tomorrow only then the introduction… I only say, the new song calls: " Female hemp female hemp "


2009-09-08 15:00:43

Just past weekend had gone to Hangzhou and Ningbo makes business to develop, two both are very beautiful and the modernized city, the only minor defect in something otherwise perfect was yesterday by the Ningbo return trip when the airplane late for 2 hours, 9:30 has used the computer 11:30 only then takes off finally, the lucky strike caught up with last night cuts makes show.


2009-09-08 16:25:26

The red glowing sun + lonely + loves a person

(songs he will sing: hong yut=red sun, lonely, and ngoi yut go yun=to love a person)


2009-09-10 15:13:50

" Red glowing sun " Is Kelly sings, I sing " Lonely " , moreover certainly will sing " Female hemp female hemp " !


2009-09-12 08:47:18

Yesterday went to record the chorus song early in the morning round the world, but also had MV, the visit, shade cover and so on, round the world late will have all singer general mobilization concert, probably in December 2, but could also leave the chorus small dish, everybody very much supported at the appointed time. Tonight guarantees good? Can leave 10th, 11th part, sees at the appointed time!


2009-09-18 11:06:14

Presently toward Nanning's airport period of five days airport room preparation hands-on, Tan Sheng yesterday already is arriving, because I on must record, therefore delays only then embarks today, certainly, wants to see Ryan one day is also other reason! I and principal have prepared, you? Nanning's fans, will tomorrow evening see!


2009-09-26 07:53:46

30 vigor songs have cancelled probably, is originally in 2 broadcast that but heard that 2 must broadcast National Day show, therefore that late vigor song did not have. But National Day show I seem have a performance, but many National Day show, does not know that which is broadcasts me to do!


2009-09-26 08:01:30

This week must complete multi-show, the tonight is, will raise one's head, 1 afternoon will be, 2 will be, 3 will be, my 0 places will walk the uneven 18 areas in once!


2009-09-27 09:04:16

Beijing left lun right lee show has been postponed, knew that the newest date will inform everybody again.

..........................[hacken's blog messages f/july until now]

Business develops the @ Guangzhou
Sunday, 5 July 2009

These two days, to Guangzhou, were an international palace level automobile brand are two salt merchants to develop, each field sang five songs. Yesterday weather is really very bad, rains hard frequently, is that kind in the highway can only good 50km, must hit is being unable to start lamp's super heavy rain, therefore almost spent four hour driving distance only then to obtain Guangzhou. Tells inland singer fan bad news, in August's Zhongshan, Shenzhen and Huzhou must postpone probably…The reason is…”I do not know!”, only will have in here says the sound to all grams attendance and Principal's fans to be embarrassed, has the most recent news certainly first time to inform everybody again.


East Asian Games torch
Friday, 24 July 2009

First time the East Asian Games which will sponsor by Hong Kong will hold in December, 絕 to will be 09 year next to last act important matter, I will become fortunately will propagandize ambassador and the torch, certainly will be honored happily with. Now a session of torch designs attractively, takes has the sense of reality very much in hand's feeling, did not know that I will be distributed at the appointed time run that section? However that section not so-called, is the very honorable duty, hoped that are many at the appointed time supports us a resident and fans to the scene! In August the tail games starts to sell flies, remembers everybody same place at the appointed time ” a creation legend quarter”!


Nanning reporter meets +REPLY
Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Monday evening completes, second date then rides in a carriage early in the morning with principal to Shenzhen Airport, goes by plane again to Nanning attends China to tour first stands Reporter ~ Nanning's to incur a generation of meeting. Although show also has one month only then to hold, but yesterday saw, Nanning's fans, even the media friends have been warm, for me and principal's feeling was they really anticipated that this time concert, we certainly will perform with every effort at the appointed time, the new song, the old song, the quick song, the slow song, the Guangdong song, the national language song offered completely.

REPLY: About San Francisco, already ironclad in November 7.


NEW left lun right lee @ Nanning
Saturday, 19 September 2009

Yesterday from 4:00 pm sections to 11:30, heat to… And so on sees! X X X X X Show has completed, more than 20,000 audience vigor are warm, entire audience chorus, and so on classical song, really shocks! Atmosphere first-class! Hoped that has the opportunity to be possible to come Nanning to open show once more! Writes the over-formal language: Actually I will request the congress in each show backstage to provide” the dumb bells”, because must be” the big man” that part, but this congress will provide…Is really…Quite…”Unique”!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

NEW X Last 美加巡迴~多倫多站+大西洋城 (more blog updates!)

US Tour ~ Toronto + Atlantic City
Sunday, 14 June 2009

We reached Toronto on June 7. Honestly speaking, all of us were very worried over Alan's injury. Fortunately, our performance on the June 8 was successful. We made some changes to the dancing, especially the Sports part where Sunny took over Alan as the movements were not suitable for him. Other dances that were much easier like "Don't Be Afraid", "Na Na Sheng" were performed by Alan himself. He was very professional!

Toronto fans? As usual, they're great! They came in punctually, applauded at the right moment, shouted loudly when they were supposed to and even danced with us when we sang fast songs. Hence, the atmosphere was great! Thanks to everybody!

We need not work for several days after our performance. I played golf with ex-colleagues of Polygram, worked out at the gym and walked around. I will always visit Rodneys, their Oysters and Clams are great!

Tonight, we will be performing our second show at Atlantic City. US Fans, are you ready?

I don't remember how many times we've performed at Atlantic City. I started performing there since the late 1980s with Elizabeth Lee, Ellen Chan and Lo Yuen Yan. This group can be considered...classic!

These few years I've been performing at TRUMP TAJ MAHAL. Maybe because this place has more dimension hence the sound equipment are better. The show on the 14th was not bad. There were some changes to the rundown, we changed some songs. Audiences' response? Usually the audience at the casino are get high slowly, they need warming up. We started the show after 1am and performed till 3am or 4am and ate some porridge after that. Before we knew it, dawn had arrived.

We will be performing at LV on the 20th, there will be a press conference later. LV fans, give us some response when we start the show!

We attended the press conference yesterday and went to LV at night. This time we stay at Mandalay Bay, my first time here!

The weather here is so good today!

“After show Photos” ? Hee, was abit late...
We took these during the celebration dinner.

We received "money flowers" at the LV concert. Singers usually feel happy receiving such 'plants', the larger the notes, the happier, haha!


[translated by: hianez]

june 12, 16 message

Later at 3am we gonna fly to Philadelphia and then go to Aclantic City by car to prepare our second show.

I saw the latest news of A(H1N1) virus at Hong Kong, seems like very serious.


In the morning, we met the press in LA. We will be going to LV tonigh.

Of course I paid attention to the H1N1 situation in Hong Kong, it seems to be getting worse. On the other hand, it seems to be under control in US. Everybody in HK must take care, don't go out if there's nothing special going on. Also, ensure personal hygiene and cleanliness!

You all always want me to write my blog, you guys must leave more comments there too!

[translated by: Vivian, Hianez]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

june 6, 8 messages

june 8

Alan and I reached Toronto airport safely at 6am yesterday. We rehearsed in the afternoon. Toronto fans, see you tonight! If you want us to encore and sing longer, you gotta shout louder!

Couple of days later when I have time here I will update my blog...hehe!

june 12

Later at 3am we're gonna fly to Philadelphia and then go to Atlantic City by car to prepare for our second show.

I saw the latest news of A(H1N1) virus at Hong Kong, seems like very serious. :(

[translated by: Hianez and Vivian]

correct May messages translations

thanks to hianez for translating the messages from the last post. =)
here they are:

2009-05-23 09:06:13

The Cavaliers are playing against Magic now! (NBA matches) It's exciting!
Hope that the Cavaliers will face the Lakers in the finals, that's be the best!

2009-05-20 19:48:10

No worries, everybody. The concert in US will go on as usual. We've started to "train" for the performance already..
But thinking that we have to fly to NY, I'm a little afraid. Hope that the influenza situation will improve then.

2009-05-13 22:29:08

It was right for you guys to not use flashligts/boards, it shows that you all are grown ups and know how to think. THX.
(i tink he was referring to the 512 performance where it would be inappropriate to use flashlights..)

2009-05-27 08:57:37

June 6, Beijing? Impossible, we need to fly to Toronto that day.
Alan's leg? When I ate with him 2 days ago, he was better. You guys can check his official website.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

(sorry, so late!) some of hacken's may messages

been so long an no one here to translate, so i just used babelfish and tried to edit it so that it makes more sense...i hope it's pretty close to what hacken said. haha.

2009-05-27 08:57:37

June 6th Beijing? Certainly is impossible, because that day must use the computer Toronto. Principal's (alan's) foot? On 2nd eats meal together early with him, has been good, everybody may pay attention to his official net (website).

2009-05-23 09:06:13

But the family is the tight knight to the magic, very anxious!
Hoped that final is the knight to Lakers, 咁 does not have goes against!
[he's excited about the NBA finals!]

2009-05-20 19:48:10

Everybody relax, the US and Canada "left alan right hacken concert" will carry on as scheduled until present up to, we early in the morning have also launched " before show, training " . However, thinking of having to take a plane to American NY, really is a little startled, hoped that the epidemic situation will have changed for the better at the appointed time.

2009-05-13 22:29:08

Last night has not taken the lamp sign is the very correct procedure, proved that your 0 places are really big are really the knowledge read. THX
[this is a tough one. i think he's saying something like thank you to the fans for bringing the "hacken" lightboards??]

Friday, May 15, 2009

may 10 (mother's day!) message

Happy Mother's Day!
Cold? Still have a bit of coughs, nose block (stuffy nose), not fully recovered yet. That's why tonight's voice not so good.
Zhongshan and Shun Tak (concerts) seem to have been postponed to August. Therefore, Toronto will become our 1st stop for the World Tour. After August, will have to go to many places.
One said more muscular, one said more fat, believe which one? (fans' said about his body shape). Anyway, until the show Alan & I will return to our original fit body shape :)

[translated by: Jenny]